Cayman Islands: Stingray City, Starfish Beach and a Birthday Party

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Hello Travelers! This is Laura bringing you an update from our recent trip to the Cayman Islands! For those of you that read our blog regularly I have to apologize for the lack of content lately. We both had crazy semesters at college and didn’t get to do much traveling or have the time to post on here regularly.

But, I have great news! That last crazy semester at college was my LAST one. Yep, I graduated!!! I’ll post my address below in case you want to send me a card or money… joking! A nice comment below would be cool though. Anyways, my graduation present was a trip with Claire and our mothers to Grand Cayman. It was awesome…

We kicked off the week with a guided jet ski tour to some hot spots around the island. We each got to have our own jet ski that went up to around 65 mph. So fast. It was pretty choppy on the way out to Stingray City (not gonna lie, we were SORE for days after). Once we got there we jumped into the shallow crystal clear water and instantly got swarmed by like 20 gigantic stingrays. It was seriously one of the coolest experiences being able to interact with and feed the rays. We even got to kiss them for seven years good luck!

After cuddling all of the stingrays that we could in an hour, we headed over to do some snorkeling at a nearby reef. The Cayman Islands are famous for their incredible reefs and although we are both certified divers we can still appreciate some good old fashioned snorkeling every once in a while. Our next stop after the reef was Starfish Beach, which is exactly what is sounds like. We got to hold the starfish and after a few minutes they suctioned onto our hands and we could barely get them off. Check out the pictures below. This place was a screen saver.

Holding starfish on a tropical beach can get pretty exhausting. So next we headed over to Kaibo for some lunch on the beach. We started talking to our guide, Ryan about island life and his passion for racing jet ski’s and eventually figured out it was his 22nd birthday. I’m one of those annoying people that tells everyone it’s my birthday even if they don’t care/don’t even know me, so I was shocked that he would let this tour go on so long without bringing it up. We asked him what his plans were and it sounded like he didn’t really have any so of course we immediately invited him over to our condo to celebrate. He accepted the offer and joined us that night as we ate dessert, watched a movie, and had a great time. Hopefully he will always remember that birthday he spent with random tourists in their condo…

Have you ever been to Stingray City or Starfish Beach? Let us know what you thought!! And don’t forget my congradulatory graduation comments ;)


  1. Congratulations on graduating! That’s so exciting, and what a great place for a little celebration. :) I’ve never swam with stingrays but from your photos it looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy your summer!

  2. Hello,

    I was searching for some info about the Cayman Island and came across your picture/blog.. and wanted to ask you what company you used to rent your jet ski? Your pictures are awsome and I can’t wait to get there :o)

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